26th Rule

These are our assets.

Sixty-second video, thirty-second video, a bunch of ten-second videos and print and posters and billboards and anything you want them to be. Share them everywhere, over and over. On Facebook and Twitter, in Instagram and in emails to friends and family and folks who love what we do and want to help us keep doing it. And remember: Have fun.

Campaign Letter Sample

Campaign Assets Guidelines

Miriam Hamarneh
Duffy & Shanley, Inc.
Account Executive

Outdoor - 22’ 9” x 10’ 6”

Posters - 24” x 36”

Print East Bay Ad - 6.43” x 10”

Print Valley Breeze Ad - 4.9375” x 11.59”


Radio - 60 Sec

TV - 60 Sec, 30 Sec, 10 Sec

Social Media - Cover, Profile, Timeline Images